IMG_1391Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Carlos, the guy behind steamed up glasses. I’m a plump finance exec (insert yaaaaawn here)  turned kitchen terrorist.  I split my time between Brussels (home) and Paris (work).

Saying that I was inspired to cook by wonderful memories of delicious family meals would be a lie.  My mother was a lovely lady of the most gentil nature but she was also a horrible cook.  If it did not come out of a can or it could not be fried it would most likely not be part of her cooking repertoire.  So I was brought up on the principle: if you want to eat well, go to a restaurant and that is what I did for many years even after I left the family home.  When I got together with my husband I started to cook at home and that is when I discovered a true  passion for cooking.  I love food and I’ll give anything a try (in the kitchen that is)!

I am a champion at losing recipes, so collecting them on a blog seemed like a good idea: all in one place and only a click away.  By doing this I’ve discovered a world of food bloggers with the most luscious sites showcasing mouth-watering recipes.  Having bought and read many cookbooks I find it unfortunate that so many of them feature similar recipes.  Have a dig through all your cookbooks and count the number of brownie recipes, you’ll see what I mean.  Through the blogosphere I have discovered a lot of completely new dishes (new to me) from all corners of the world and I simply love it.

I rarely concoct a dish myself, I simply don’t have the knowledge or patience for that.  So, when I get inspired by someone or borrow a recipe, I always give credit.

Please visit often and I hope you’ll enjoy your time here!




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