Baked Camembert

For work I go to Paris regularly and one of the restaurants I love going to is situated in the heart of Versailles: L’Aparthé (1 bis, rue Sainte Geneviève 78000 Versailles) has got a quirky interior and tasty unpretentious food.  It’s here I discovered the delight that is baked camembert.

aparthe-3 (1)

You start by taking the cheese out of its rapper, cutting of the top crust/rind and popping it back in its wooden container.

You can put it in the oven just like this, but it is best to season it somewhat.  Camembert at room temperature is quite fragrant and has a distinctive taste, however when it gets baked part of that taste disappears, so you need to add some flavoring agents.  Simply press some finely sliced garlic (1 clove) into the soft cheese and sprinkle some herbes de Provence on it.  If you don’t have herbes de Provence sprinkle some thyme or rosemary (or both) on it.  That should do the trick.  In order to let the cheese absorb all the aroma’s add the garlic and herbs a good hour before baking the cheese, it makes a big difference.

Before putting it in the oven I like to add a teaspoon of wine or truffle oil on the hard cheese, it adds taste but most importantly it makes the cheese nice and runny once it is baked.  Just pop it in a preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 15 to 20 minutes and in the meanwhile toast some slices of bread and you’re ready to go.


One last tip: it is always best to put the wooden container in some kind of oven proof dish, if the heat would split the container, you risk ending up with a terrible mess in your oven.